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Peanut Butter White Chocolate Rocky Road Cake Pops

Whether you are religious or not, Easter is associated with fun. And chocolate of course. Let's never forget the chocolate. What is more fun to eat than rocky road? Ok so maybe those novelty looking bitesized treats known as cake pops. What about them both combined? With some classic Easter mini eggs stuck on and half a kilogram of sprinkles for good measure? Hell yes!

A few weeks ago I was offered the chance to receive some Renshaw baking goodies to create some spring themed cake pops for a competition they are running. I truly couldn't believe my luck.

Of course, I jumped at the chance despite not having a great deal of experience with cake pops (see my Almond Cake Pop Truffles. Let's not mention the horrendous mess I made of the ones to go on top of the 2013 Christmas cake.) However, I'm pretty pleased with these. The colours instantly remind me of the pretty shades of spring blooms and with the Mini Eggs prominent in the decoration they have a clear spring Easter link.

In my parcel I received some of Renshaw's Colour Melts in white, red, pink, blue, yellow and green, some multi-coloured sprinkles, some multi-coloured hundreds and thousands, and some white flower and modelling paste. The products I was most eager to try out were the Colour Melts because I've heard they are so easy to use. Well I heard correctly. Literally all you do is open the tub, stick them inthe microwave and stir periodically until melted. Plus, they gave my cake pop an even coat and hid the roughness natural to rocky road brilliantly, drying quick enough so my sprinkles weren't dropping everywhere in blobs. Well done Renshaw!

Given more time (the parcel had a bit of a treck around Yorkshire so I didn't receive it until Thursday mid-afternoon) I would have had a play with the modelling paste but alas time didn't allow. Never fear though, I will tell you all about my shenanigans when they occur. Anyway, rocky road is always a winner. I've been wanting to make a white chocolate version for a while and then on a whim I decided to throw in some peanut butter. Oh my.

Need I say much more? Sweet and creamy white chocolate combined with the addictive appeal of crunchy peanut butter and the classic combination of springy, chewy marhmallows, crunchy traditional digestives and the juicy nuggets of glace cherries. Molded into balls, these (large) bite-sized goodies are then given a thick coating of pink(!) Colour Melts and covered in as many sprinkles as can possibly be held - another layer of cruncy, crackly fun. The Mini Eggs make the perfect finisher - the milk chocolate a pleasing contrast to the vanilla white chocolate. Easter Sunday may be over in a few hours but that shouldn't stop you from making something so good. 

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Peanut Butter White Chocolate Rocky Road Cake Pops
Classic roacky road is given a twist in these cake pops with white chocolate, peanut butter and good old Mini Eggs. The perfect Easter treat.
  • 300g white chocolate, chopped
  • 25g butter
  • 50g crunchy peanut butter
  • 40g golden syrup
  • 40g digestive biscuit, crumbled into rough pieces
  • 50g marshmallows, chopped into small pieces
  • 60g glace cherries, rinsed, dried and quartered
  • 200g Renshaw Colour Melts in a colour of your choice
  • Multi-coloured sprinkles
  • 100g bag Cadbury Mini Eggs*
1. In a microwavem melt together the chocolate, butter, peanut butter and golden syrup, stirring frequently.2. Mix in the digestives, marshmallows and cherries until well combined then divide between a cake pop mold** or form into rough balls. Cover loosely and chill in the fridge until well set.3. Melt the Colour Melts as directed. Insert a tootpick into each cake pop and did into the Colour Melts, tapping the stick on the edge of the tub to get rid of the excess, rotating as you go. Quickly did the wet cake pop into the sprinkles. Leave to set in a polystyrene block or bowl of rice.4. Once set, re-melt any remaining colour melts and use a tiny bit to attach a Mini Egg to each cake pop. Leave to set then enjoy.

*Any leftovers are of course cook's perks. 
**I used a silicone mold for this and got twenty cake pops as well as a generous amount extra for quality control taste testing.
I may have created these for Renshaw's competition but hopefully they will still be accepted into a few Easter themed baking challenegs this month. These are:-

Treat Petite, this month hosted by Stuart from Cakeyboi, alternating with Kat from The Baking Explorer.

We Should Cocoa, originally created by Choclette from Chocolate Log Blog but hosted this month by Rachel from Rachel Cotterill.

Lets Cook hosted by Nayna from

Easter inspires so much fun baking that I really cannot wait to see all the round-ups!


  1. I was right, these wouldn't last long in my kitchen. Well done for making such perfect cake pops; my first and only attempt was not pretty. Love the sprinkles, and you're right about the mini eggs adding an extra wow factor.

    1. Thank you every much! I can't wait to have a go at traditional cake pops now I have an easy to use covering. I'd still keep the decoration simple though just to make it easier =)

  2. Amazing combination of flavours Laura. And those sprinkles look like so much fun. Thanks for entering them into Treat Petite.

    1. Thank you and so pleased you like them =)

  3. These are so pretty Laura and the addition of peanut butter makes them sound even more appealing, which given how much I love rocky road is hard to imagine. Thanks for entering them into WSC. Happy Easter.

    1. Oh thank you! I think I might be adding peanut butter to rocky road more often now, and crispy treats. Happy Easter to you too!

  4. Gorgeous! They look fab covered in all the sprinkles. I'm not keen on cake pops (because if I'm going to make cake and buttercream, I'd rather just have them in cake form!) but peanut butter white chocolate rocky road pops I can totally get on board with!

    1. I know exactly what you mean but I'm glad you like the sound of these!

  5. These are the cutest thing - ever!


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